Booking a Funeral Celebrant

Loss is difficult and yet, it is a time when you will need to make many decisions and arrangements, including organising the funeral or memorial. You may decide to work with a funeral celebrant. Here's what it entails.

Let's Talk

We know that talking about a loved one who has passed is difficult and for many people, traumatic too. We invite you to make contact in a way that you with most comfortable with.

You can email us or you can use our contact form - you can access the form by clicking here.

Alternatively, you may want to talk to us. Call us on 07377 135517. Please note, we keep office hours and so there may be a short delay in calling you back.


Please be assured that we offer the most professional and confidential of funeral celebrant services.

The Story

Via Skype, phone or face-to-face meeting (depending on your location), we'll talk about your loved one and the plans you have for celebrating their life. You may also want more people involved in this initial meeting too, which we can accommodate via conference call or an online platform such as Zoom.

Again, we appreciate this is difficult to do and so we'll work through the outline of a funeral ceremony, listening to your ideas and making suggestions. 

We'll also talk about your loved one, the person they were, their character, teasing out stories about them that we could use in the ceremony. 

It may be that we need more than one meeting. Nothing is set in stone, there are no goals to hit or deadlines to meet. We take every stage of planning a funeral or memorial service at your pace.

Writing the funeral or memorial ceremony

With all the information gathered, we start the process of writing the ceremony.

We circulate drafts to people whose input you want, usually via email although we can use other channels of communication, including sending printed copies in the post. We stay in touch throughout this process, by phone and email, making as many changes, additions and edits as needed.

The funeral or memorial ceremony needs to be perfect. It needs to hit all the right notes in terms of tone, as well as content and style of delivery too. We can help find poems and readings that best convey the thoughts and feelings at this time, as well as suggest music and other gestures that symbolise the life of a loved one.

We'll work with relatives or friends who are reading at the ceremony, helping them to prepare.

But, we have to appreciate that with a venue booked, a date announced and a location named, that the ceremony needs to be written with the final version ready for delivery in advance. We try to have the final ceremony ready at least 4 or 5 days in advance of the funeral although this isn't always possible for various reasons.

Funeral or memorial planning

At Jackson's Celebrants, we do as little or as much as you want in terms of organising the ceremony.

As part of this service we can;

  • coordinate with the venue

  • find out details of holding gatherings in public spaces

  • let people know the arrangements for the day

  • write and place obituaries in local newspapers too

  • collect donations, passing these on to your chosen charities if this is what you decide to do

We can also do the same for memorials. Many people who hold a memorial service for a loved one may do so some months after their passing and will want to invite people to take part. Again, we can make sure people have all the information that they need to attend.

This is in addition to our ceremony writing and delivery service. We can discuss this further with you. There is no obligation.

The ceremony

When the day and time arrives, you'll have all kinds of emotions swirling in your heart and mind. Rest assured, we are here.

We arrive ahead of time, ready to meet and greet everyone who chooses to attend the funeral or memorial. Quietly, respectfully and gently, we'll guide you, and everyone gathered to celebrate the life of your loved one, through the entire ceremony.

We'll support readers and others who are taking part in the ceremony and we'll support you.

With the ceremony delivered, we'll quietly slip away when the time is right. But, we'll be in touch in the few days after the funeral or memorial and, like all the other ceremonies we write and deliver, we'll send you a copy of the ceremony script. In the coming weeks and months, you may find comfort in the words written.

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