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We understand that you will have many questions about hiring a wedding celebrant, as well as naming ceremonies and vow renewals. We have put together answers to some of the most common questions we are asked. If you need more information, feel free to drop us a line.

We currently offer wedding ceremonies, civil partnerships, vow renewals and naming ceremonies across north Wales, mid-Wales and the north-west.


What is a Wedding & Family Celebrant?


There are many moments in life that we choose to celebrate such as getting hitched, naming a child or making a commitment to a life partner. Traditionally, weddings and christenings have been based on a religious ceremony. Today, we live in an increasingly diverse society and people want to mark these occasions differently. This is where a Wedding & Family Celebrant comes in.

What does a Wedding & Family Celebrant actually do?


We write and deliver a bespoke, unique ceremony to mark your special occasion, We don't do 'packages' or offer off-the-shelf ceremonies. Everything is unique from the structure of the service to the readings, poems and vows you choose to include.

Who can use our wedding celebrant services?


Anyone who wants to make a public commitment to their relationship. Love is love!

Where can we get married?


Legally in the UK, you can marry in church, a registry office or a venue that holds a wedding licence.

With a Wedding Celebrant, you can, in theory, marry anywhere from local woodland to a windswept beach to a supermarket car park...

That said, there will be factors to consider such as health and safety, whether it is the 'right' place, the number of people you have invited to attend and so on.

Do you have to be married before the ceremony?


No. Some couples choose to legally marry after their main ceremony and other people choose not to do so at all. It really is your own choice!

Do we plan the whole wedding?


No, we don't. What we do is write, organise and deliver the ceremony itself. We can and do work alongside wedding planners, your wedding venue and anyone else involved in planning your wedding day.

Are you insured?


We hold Public Liability Insurance which covers our small team whilst onsite or at a wedding venue. If you are holding your wedding in a public space, we suggest you also look at an insurance policy of this kind. It is not essential but our insurance will not cover you nor your guests in this instance.

Is a wedding conducted by a celebrant legal?


No. Most couples will marry before their ceremony in a short 20-minute event at their local registry office. Some couples choose not to legally marry but use a wedding celebrant service to create a special ceremony to mark their love and commitment.

Can friends and relatives be involved in our ceremony?


Yes, they can! We liaise with anyone who has been asked to play a part in the ceremony, making sure they have the correct reading, for example, and are also made aware of the order of the ceremony too.

How much does it cost?


The final cost of your ceremony will depend on what you want. The standard fee covers the meetings, scripting, rehearsal and delivery of your ceremony. This price also includes a beautifully printed copy of the 'order of ceremony' which will be mailed to you after your wedding or commitment ceremony. Also included is a commemorative certificate of your day.

Special Elements are individually priced. You can include as many as you want in your ceremony. You don't have to include any at all!

How do we pay?


For a firm booking, you will need to pay 20% of the standard fee (the cost of your ceremony before adding Special Elements) before the initial meeting. 

Once we have worked through the details of your ceremony, we will finalise the cost to include Special Elements and any other equipment we may need to buy or hire.

For larger ceremonies where a lot of preparatory work is required, you will be invoiced on a regular basis but any outstanding amount must be paid in full at least a week before your wedding date.

Is travel included in the cost?


We do not charge for travel within a 15-mile radius of Jackson's Celebrants hub. Outside of this boundary, we charge £1 per mile to cover fuel and insurance.

What areas do you cover?


We work across the North Wales coast, mid-Wales, and the north west including Cheshire. But we will travel further, however bear in mind this affects cost.

How does it work?


Once you have decided to use a wedding celebrant service, simply email us to find out more about how we can help.

We provide a  comprehensive service that means you really do get a completely unique ceremony. We start by meeting with you both to discuss your ideas and plans for your big day.


We also need to get to know you a little more, using this information to create your ceremony.


From this, we create an initial draft or script of your ceremony. 


We then go on to discuss Special Elements and which ones, if any you would like to include.


We then create a final script for your big day. Our team - our wedding celebrant Gwyneth and wedding celebrant coordinator Rhian - will be on hand before and during your ceremony to make sure everything goes without a hitch. Gwyneth will deliver your ceremony in style and with grace, perfect for the day you have in mind.

What are Special Elements?


A Special Element is a symbolic gesture used in the ceremony to emphasise your love and commitment to each other.

There are many to choose from! You can also create your own. When you meet with Gwyneth, she will talk through these elements, helping you decide which ones to include, if any at all.

Why are Special Elements an additional cost?


The costs of Special Elements cover the equipment needed, for example, printed ribbon for handfasting, candles for the Unity Candle element, or the coloured sand for the Unity sand. 

Do you supply equipment and keepsakes for Special Elements?


Yes, we do. Where possible, we will try and accommodate any specific requests too.

Can we add our own symbolic gesture?


Yes, you can! We are happy to work with your ideas to create something truly unique.

How do we hire a Wedding Celebrant?


Email us to find out more!

Vow Renewal

What is a vow renewal ceremony?

More and more couples are choosing to renew their vows. It is a wonderful opportunity to repeat your vows and show your commitment to each other.

Some couples choose to do so as a way of celebrating an anniversary or as a means of acknowledging the hard times they have come through.

There are many personal reasons too why couples choose to renew their vows.

A vow renewal ceremony is special in that you can create a beautiful event that reaffirms your love for one another.

Where can you hold a vow renewal?


Anywhere (within reason!). We can deliver your vow renewal in your back garden surrounded by family and friends, in the local park, on a beach, up a mountain, or a place that is poignant to you both... We need to make sure that wherever you choose, it is a safe place for us to deliver your ceremony.

Do we need to be legally married?


No, We help couples to celebrate their love for each other regardless of the legal state of their union. 

What's included in a vow renewal ceremony?


We don't prescribe what should be in your ceremony. We don't offer 'stock packages', but write, design and deliver a special and unique vow renewal service.

No two relationships and love stories are the same so why opt for a 'stock' ceremony?

How much does it cost?


Like our wedding ceremony service, there is a standard fee. To secure your booking, you will need to pay a 20% non-returnable deposit. 

This standard fee includes;

  • the initial meeting

  • drafting the script of your ceremony

  • delivering your ceremony at your chosen venue or location

  • travel within a 15-mile radius of Jackson's Celebrants hub

  • a beautifully printed copy of your order of ceremony script

  • a commemorative certificate

How do we book a vow renewal ceremony?


To find out more or to book, simply email us!

Can we include Special Elements in our vow renewal?


Yes, you can. These are priced individually to cover the cost of equipment needed such as sand, ribbon, candles and so on. 

How many Special Elements can we include?


As many as you want! You can also include your own too. Bear in mind, however, both cost and time - adding too many can make your ceremony a lot longer than you think. 

When and how do we pay?


The 20% deposit of the standard fee secures your booking in our diary.

After the initial meeting, you will be sent an invoice detailing the amount outstanding, including any Special Elements you've requested.

You can pay the balance in instalments or in one lump sum. Rhian will help you decide which is best. 

BUT the outstanding invoice must be paid a week before your vow renewal.

Naming Ceremony

What is a naming ceremony?


A naming ceremony is a non-religious, non-secular way of welcoming a child or children to a family.

Who can have a naming ceremony?


A naming ceremony can be used to;

  • welcome the birth of a child

  • celebrate a blended family by welcoming stepchildren

  • celebrate the adoption of children

  • celebrate a name change of an adult, for whatever reason

Does a naming ceremony have any legal implication?


No, it is a symbolic ceremony that like all the life ceremonies we perform, is written specifically for the child or the family.

It cannot be used to change your name or in any other legal way.

Where can a naming ceremony be held?


It can be held in your home, your garden, the local park, mountain top... anywhere that has significance to you and can hold the number of guests you intend inviting. There will also be other factors, such as health and safety to consider too. 

What's included in this kind of ceremony?


We offer a truly bespoke service. This means that we write, design and deliver a naming ceremony that is special to your child or to you.

As well as reading and poems, we can also include Special Elements. These are important symbolic gestures that make the occasion even more special.

Gwyneth, the Wedding & Family Celebrant will talk through all of these, as well as your own ideas, during the initial meeting.

How much does a naming ceremony cost?


There is a standard fee that covers the writing and drafting your naming ceremony script which includes finding poems and readings, research and so on.

To secure your booking, you will need to pay 20% of this fee as a deposit. Once this has been paid, we can begin the process of scripting your service by the way of an initial meeting.

Special Elements are additional costs to cover equipment such as candles, ribbon, depending n the symbolic gestures you choose to include.

We will send an invoice with the amount outstanding which must be paid one week before the naming ceremony event.

Want to know more?


Email us about creating a beautiful and bespoke naming ceremony!

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