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Love, life and loss

Gentle and uplifting, a ceremony to remember a loved one should never be 'standard', the reason why many people opt for a celebrant-led funeral or memorial

The fog of grief often means that we blindly follow the traditional farewell laid down in funeral ceremonies and memorial services, something that we later discover bring little comfort. 

A celebrant-led funeral gives you and your family the freedom to organise a funeral ceremony or memorial that celebrates life whilst also remembering your loved one. 

Celebrating life, commiserating loss

Funerals by their very nature are sad and moving, but they can also be a celebration of life. Unlike traditional funerals, a celebrant-led ceremony doesn’t have to follow a prescribed pattern.

With the support of a celebrant, you and your family can play a meaningful role in putting together a beautiful ceremony. It can include reading, music and symbolic gestures, all of which combine to create a beautiful and unique ceremony.

What is a civil funeral service?

A civil funeral service is one that does not ascribe to any particular religion or ideology.


Instead, the ceremony focuses on the beliefs and life of the person being remembered or celebrated, their family and friends.

What is a memorial service?

Traditionally, this is a service held some months after the funeral.


They are an opportunity for wider family, friends and colleagues to pay their respects and to take part in the planned event.


They can also be used to mark the 12 month anniversary of their passing.

Unattended cremations and celebrant-led funerals

Some people choose, on their passing, to have an unattended cremation, that is, family and friends don’t attend but include the ashes in the ceremony they have planned. Other families will hold the ceremony before the cremation or burial – with celebrant-led funerals, there is no right or wrong.

There is also no right or wrong time to hold a funeral or memorial service either. For public health reasons, the body needs to be cremated or buried in a timely manner but the ceremony can take place at any time.

For example, you may decide to wait several weeks or months before holding a ceremony that truly celebrates the life of your loved one. It’s important that you hold the funeral when it is right for you and your family, at a time when you feel able to do justice to the memory of your loved one.

Where can celebrant-led funerals and memorials be held?

Within reason, a funeral ceremony can be held anywhere. You can be as creative or alternative in your ideas, depending on what you want to celebrate the life of a loved one.

For larger gatherings, there may be local by-laws or certain permissions that need to be sought from the relevant authorities, something that our team can help you with.

Pet memorials 

It’s not just people who are important to us but our pets too.


At Jackson’s Celebrants, our team are also on hand to help you mark the passing of your pet too, with an uplifting but gentle memorial service for pets.

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There are many significant events that we choose to mark in life. Bidding farewell to a loved one, whether that is a parent, child, spouse or friend is emotionally difficult. It can feel impossible when lost in your own grief to put together a farewell ceremony that tells their story.

In times of grief, our minds will often linger on our loved one's final weeks or days, forgetting the stories and anecdotes of their lives. That’s why working with a celebrant to write and deliver a beautiful funeral or memorial service is ideal.

We can help you see beyond your initial grief and loss to create a ceremony that will leave you with positive memories of saying farewell.

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