A Ring Warming Ceremony – What is it?

Creating your own wedding ceremony is an opportunity to truly tell your story as a couple. To add symbolism, you can choose to include special elements or gestures. A ring warming is one of these elements but what is a ring warming ceremony?

Many of the elements you can include in your ceremony are fantastic for including your guests in your service too. A ring warming ceremony is loaded with symbolism and tradition, just like the act of giving a ring to a loved one has for centuries and across cultures.

What is a ring warming ceremony?

Your wedding guests will attend your big day with one thing in mind – to help you both celebrate this amazing milestone in your journey together. They’ll wish you the very best luck and your day will be full of warm wishes, love, health and happiness for the future.

A ring warming is a symbolic way of capturing love and best wishes from your guest. With your precious wedding rings safely wrapped in a small organza or hessian bag, they are passed through the hands of your wedding guests as your ceremony takes place.

When you come to exchange vows, your rings will be ‘warmed’ by the love and best wishes of every single one of your guests.

How a ring warming ceremony works

There are two ways that a ring warming ceremony can take place;

· Your rings can be warmed by passing around your guests – your wedding celebrant will, as part of your ceremony, explain the symbolism behind the gesture, followed by asking a member of the wedding party to start the process. The rings will normally end their short journey in the hands of the best man if you have one.

· A special welcome – hanging your rings tied to a pretty ribbon on a ‘welcome tree’ as guests arrive is also another way of asking them to warm your rings. You can place your guest book here too and with our team on hand, we can also make sure that your guests are greeted at your wedding ceremony as well.

It is your choice as to how you want your ring warming ceremony to be conducted although if you have a very large guest list, passing them around will take a long time.

Who takes part in the ring warming ceremony?

This is entirely up to you both! Some couples include all their guests but others prefer a more intimate approach by asking their wedding party, parents and grandparents to warm their rings. Or you may ask the front two rows to pass the rings around for best wishes.

Do the rings ever get lost?

No! Your wedding rings are undoubtedly special. It will be a piece of jewellery that will sit on your fingers for decades to come and, in most cases, you will have chosen them together. In other words, they have monetary value and sentimental and emotional value too. The last thing you want is for your rings to be lost during or before the ceremony!

This means putting a few things in place to make sure the ring warming ceremony achieves what you want it to:

· Ring chaperone – a member of our team will keep a keen eye on the rings as they pass through the hands of your guests. This is not just about them getting lost but making sure that they follow a path that sees the rings pass from the front to the back and are then returned to the front.

· Meet & greet – if you choose to have your rings at the entrance of your wedding venue, a member of our team remains with them during the whole time. They will meet and greet guests, invite them to sign the guest book (if you have one) and any other information that they need.

Making sure a ring warming works as part of your wedding ceremony

Like all special elements that you choose to include, you want to make sure that they not only pass without a hitch but that they show their true symbolism.

A ring warming is not about people have a ‘good look’ at your wedding rings. People only need to hold them for a second or two. But not everyone will have heard or been part o a ring warming before.

This is why your wedding celebrant will explain what this element is all about to your guests before the ring passing takes place. We can also wrap your precious wedding bands in tissue paper and place them in a beautiful ornate bag to pass around your guests.

When the rings arrive back, you can either ask the best man to keep hold of them until the ring exchange takes place or the wedding celebrant will receive them back. With the rings warmed by the love and best wishes of your guests – or whoever you ask to warm them – the ring exchange is even more special.

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