Autumn Weddings – The Bliss of Tying the Knot During the Most Beautiful Season

Summer weddings are understandably popular but don’t assume that an autumn wedding is the poor relation. A beautiful season, there are many reasons why this is the ideal time of year for your nuptials.

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree

Emily Brontë

The words of Emily Brontë capture the essence of autumn for many people and if you find this wonderful season your favourite time of year, it’s no wonder that you want to tie the knot at this time.

Like all weddings, there are many things you need to consider when it comes to organising your big day and there are some that are specific to the season.

But what do you need to consider when it comes to organising an autumn wedding? And what are the current wedding trends?

Why choose an autumn wedding?

The heel of the summer turns into autumn and yet, as we bid farewell to the season, it certainly has strong undertones of winter. It is the season during which the flamboyant flowers, shrubs and deciduous trees shed their outer layers in preparation for winter.

The landscape looks remarkably different. Yellow, orange and red leaves fall gently from branches and boughs of trees onto the lawns and paths beneath, the occasional gust of wind sending them tumbling along the ground. The skies can be a moody, overcast grey or bright blue with watery, autumnal sunshine…

… if you love autumn, you’ll already be sold on the details, but the message is clear. Autumn is a fantastic season for a wedding. As well as forming a wonderful backdrop for your wedding, the colours of autumn will also make a fabulous canvas for your wedding photos too.

Autumn has a slower, more relaxed pace to it – it is the season in which nature slows down after all – which is why couples decide it is the perfect season for holding their big day.

What you need to consider when planning an autumn wedding

With the date set and the venue booked, your autumn wedding is all set to become a reality. As always, there are trends for autumn weddings that you may want to include but what are these?


The colours of autumn are deep and rich. Warm and fiery there’s passionate red to choose from, as well as bright and vivid oranges and golden yellows. Add plenty of greenery and you can imagine how wonderful the flowers and floral decorations at your venue could look.

2020 autumn wedding trends

The wedding trends for the coming season embrace the colours of autumn, as you would expect, but this year – and possibly coming seasons too – using autumnal colours, flowers and shrubs to make architectural statements is top of the trends.

Wedding bouquets don’t have to be large and overbearing, however. But rather than a super-neat floral bunch, add plenty of length and height using different shades of greenery. There are some amazing wedding bouquet ideas using just greenery, leaving the flowers to adorn the venue or reception.


Roses have long been associated with weddings and other family ceremonies. Available in all kinds of different colours and shades, there really is no limit to what you can achieve with roses at your wedding.

Beautiful cream, ivory and off-white roses are perfect but if you want to embrace the shades and fiery shades of autumn, don’t shy away from sunset orange or deep golden yellows. The red rose is, of courses, synonymous with love and its inclusion in an autumn wedding is not out of place.

2020 autumn trends

Roses, roses, roses… if there is one flower to turn to this autumn for your wedding bouquet and floral decorations it is the rose. For a classic look, opt for crisp white roses with plenty of contrasting greenery or embrace the fieriness of autumnal colours with sunset orange or the deepest, golden yellow you can find.


Choosing an overall theme or style allows you to tie the overall look of your wedding together. It’s not just colours, though. Consider the feel of your wedding and how your chosen style will fit with the season.

Trying to make your autumn wedding feel like a summer one won’t necessarily work which is why, if you have chosen this wonderful season to hold your special day, embracing everything it has to offer is key to successfully styling it.

2020 autumn trends

Two styles seem to be making a strong showing for wedding autumn trends this year:

· Rustic – ideal for the autumn season, the rustic style has a simplicity to it that makes it understated and elegant. With trees and shrubs ditching their leaves, the style fits perfectly with the season. Add plenty of colour with flowers and trailing greenery.

· Maximalist – unlike minimalism, the maximalist style is abundant and full. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can use everything and anything. Decide on a colour palette as you normally would but choose to incorporate them with extra va-va-voom. Choose blousy blooms and make everything bigger, taller and brighter.


Less than 25% of marriages in the UK took place in a religious institution and that means more and more couples are turning to wedding celebrants to create the perfect bespoke wedding ceremony. Doing it your way means taking control of how you want your ceremony to look and feel. All wedding traditions were new once and so making your own could possibly mean that you start a new one amongst your family and friends.

2020 autumn trends

Mix up the wedding parties with mixed set groups. In other words, groomswomen and bridesmen will become the new ‘norm’ at weddings and commitment ceremonies. And hiring a wedding celebrant is also a great move!

A beautiful wedding season - enjoy autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season and if you are planning on tying the knot, it is a lovely time to do so. Embrace everything that the season has to offer and create a wonderful ceremony that tells your story together.

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