The Benefits of an Autumn Wedding

Traditionally, the main wedding season in the UK stretches from spring through to summer. But for many couples, autumn the ideal time to get hitched. What are there benefits of embracing an autumn wedding?

Undeniably a beautiful season full of delightful autumnal colours, there are many reasons why choosing this season to host your wedding is a fantastic choice. From colour to styles and themes, there seems to be no end to the long list of reasons why an autumn wedding makes sense.

Aside from the choices you make as regards to venue and theme, what else is it about the heel of the summer that makes it an increasingly popular time to wed?

#1 You’re out of holiday season

Getting married at the peak of summer may sound attractive but unless you get the ‘save the date cards’ out well in advance, half of your invited guests could be sunning themselves on their annual summer getaway.

Whilst you won’t want to plan your big day around everyone else’s holiday, it’s only natural that you do want your nearest and dearest there to help you celebrate.

With the start of a new term beginning at the start of September, you’ll find that most people will have taken their summer holidays and will love the idea of an autumn wedding in the coming months.

A wedding held at any time of year is extra special but with tales of summer adventures to keep everyone entertained, there is something different, unique and a little bit special about an autumn wedding.

#2 Take advantage of a truly beautiful time of year

Shimmering golden yellow, ruddy red and sunset orange are everywhere during this season, especially if you opt for a September wedding.

You may, however, be concerned about pushing into October and November because the closer to winter we get, the greyer the skies and landscape seem to become.

Temperatures can fall away quite dramatically too but rather than seeing these factors as a barrier, you’ll see them as an opportunity to do something different.

A time of year when nature prepares to hibernate for winter, the day time temperature averages between 7 and 14°C with the evenings being a little chillier. With a temperate climate, the British Isles tends to have an even spread of rainfall throughout the year and so when it comes to taking you chances as to whether it rains or not, you are taking no more of a chance in September than you do in July or August.

Autumn gales, however, are a different matter. Not a daily occurrence, it is the wind that you need to bear in mind for an autumn wedding, especially if you are opting for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

What all this means, of course, is that your choice of styling for an autumn wedding will meet the possibilities that the season throws at you.

Instead of a lightweight, off-the-shoulder white wedding gown, you may opt for a beautiful coloured flowing dress, complete with long billowing sleeves and a dramatic cape…

The possibilities are endless and just as much fun as those that couples tying the knot in summer have.

#3 Colour tones

We mentioned autumnal colours at the start of this piece – and in other posts relating to autumn weddings – and no post could be complete without mentioning it again!

As well as colour, there are also plenty of choices when it comes to flowers too. From lilies to gerberas, as well as the traditional and beautiful rose, an autumn wedding bouquet will be simply beautiful.

#4 Candles and firelight

Is there anything more romantic than the gentle flickering flame of candlelight and an open fire?

Clearly, your guests will need an extra layer of two if the temperature tumbles away but the darker evenings also mean that you have the perfect backdrop for playing with layers of light too.

As well as giving your ceremony a romantic glow, candlelight and open fires also add a gentle nuzzle of warmth too. If you love this time of year, imagine sitting in front of a roaring fire having your photos taken after a beautiful bespoke wedding ceremony delivered by a celebrant?

#5 Better prices…

We don’t want to relegate the benefits of an autumn wedding down to costs, fees and prices but once the traditional wedding season has passed for another year, many suppliers will knock off several noughts from their price list.

This includes most wedding services including venues who would love a wedding or two to fill the calendar between summer and Christmas. You may also find other wedding services, including stationers and florists, also have better rates during autumn and winter.

Autumn is a fantastic season for all kinds of life events, including hosting your unique and beautiful wedding.

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