The Magic of a Christmas Wedding

Today, many couples are looking to tie the knot with a difference. Traditions are important but we no longer see them as the be-all and end-all. Getting married in the summer is still the most popular time of year but if you want something a little different with an extra helping of magic, why not tie the knot at Christmas?

Why a Christmas wedding is just magical...

If you love the festive season, you’ll already be sold on everything it has to offer. We may not see snow very often at Christmas in the UK, but there is still beauty in the landscape. Crisp, blue skies, warm hot chocolate and roaring fires, along with twinkling lights and a sense of cosiness are the perfect backdrops for a Christmas wedding.

But why else should you consider a Christmas wedding?

Practical reasons

First, let’s start with some basic but practical reasons. Holding your wedding at Christmas is outside of the very busy summer wedding season and so some suppliers (but not all!) will have far better rates and fees for hiring equipment.

However, some may be more expensive. For example, if you are planning on holding your wedding at a venue, you may find that it is more expensive on some days over the festive season, especially on Christmas day or New Year’s Day.

With a celebrant-led wedding, you also avoid the rush at the registry office too. You can legally marry after your banns have been public for three weeks but choose to celebrate your wedding in style with a bespoke ceremony with your celebrant, family and friends in any location or venue you choose (although that said, there are some limits…!)

Stand out

If you want your wedding to stand out, a festive wedding is it. With a celebrant-led wedding, you really can have your ceremony at a place and time that suits you. For example, have you considered…

· A Christmas Eve wedding

As a child, it was your favourite time of year. Christmas Eve was the build-up to the big day itself, a delicious time of anticipation. It is also the time of year that (almost) everybody finishes work with several days of family and relaxation time to look forward to… a Christmas Eve wedding is wonderful, a truly romantic time. With a celebrant-led wedding, you can marry at any time of night or day. How wonderful would it be for your celebrant to announce you as a married couple right on the chime of midnight…?

· Christmas Day wedding

Imagine the excitement of Christmas day multiplied a thousand times knowing that when you open your eyes that morning that the day will hold something truly special – the ceremony that will seal your union as a couple! We can hope for snow but even in its absence, the day is no less special.

· Boxing Day wedding

For many, Boxing day is the day that they hold most dear over the festive period. If you don’t want to intrude on the big day itself, extend the party to Boxing day so that you have yet another day of fantastic celebrations.

· New Year’s Eve wedding

The last day of one year is the springboard to looking forward to the next and, in your eyes and ours, the perfect time of year for a couple to make a public commitment to their relationship by holding a New Year’s Eve wedding. Just like Christmas eve, a celebrant-led wedding is ideal for tying the knot at midnight too!

· New Year’s Day

A brand new year. A brand new day. Your first step on your journey together. Need we say more…?

What makes a festive wedding special?

There are many reasons why couples opt for a wedding at Christmas. Invariably, it is the season itself and all that it holds that makes it the right time of year for a wedding, vow renewal, naming ceremony or any other life and family ceremony. But just in case you need a reminder, here’s why we love weddings at Christmas…

#1 Seasonal decorations

From environmentally-friendly glitter to the romance of flickering candles, there are no bounds when it comes to seasonal decorations that you can use for Christmas weddings. Nature offers a range of inspiration for Christmas themed wedding favours and decorations, from sprigs of evergreen holy to pinecones.

#2 Bring the outside in

The idea behind a Christmas wedding is to embrace the season but if you don’t fancy getting married in the cold or want to have an indoor wedding on standby, consider how you will bring the season inside the venue. We’re not just talking about festive decs here but winter itself. For a sophisticated look, opt for crisp white alongside light blue or, for a more traditional scene, there is nothing that says festive wedding louder than the traditional colourway of red, green and gold.

#3 Hot and cold

There are no two ways about it – a Christmas or New Year wedding will be cold. This is probably how you want it and the main reason why you are opting for a winter wedding. But, you need to consider your comfort and that of your guests too. If the wedding ceremony is to be held outside, you need to flag this up with your guests so that they can dress accordingly. You also need to consider your mode of dress for the day. Supplying rugs for guests to wrap themselves in and throws for knees is a welcome touch too.

#4 The small details

There’s a saying about NOT sweating the small stuff but in our experience, it is the smaller details that add truly magical details to a ceremony. For a winter wedding ceremony, for example, warming your guests with mulled wine before the ceremony gives them a warm, rosy glow that will add emotion to the day. And hot snacks and drinks is also a worthy consideration after the ceremony too.

#5 Keeping it simple, classic and let the season do the talking

The festive season is wonderful. Everyone will arrive at your ceremony with a rosy outlook on life. This relaxed ambience is exactly what your wedding needs and so over complicating things can backfire. Hosting your ceremony and party in the same venue, for example, is the ideal solution. The last thing you need is for guests to be traipsing from one location to another…

Are you thinking of getting wed at Christmas or New Year?

We have a range of packages available to make your festive wedding ceremony truly, truly special. Celebrate your love, relationships and union in style with a celebrant-led wedding.

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