The Pros of Hiring a Wedding Celebrant

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Marriage may be an institution that has been around for centuries but that doesn’t mean your wedding or commitment ceremony can’t be thoroughly modern. A wedding celebrant officiating over your nuptials allows you to bring a truly special and modern vibe to your big day. But there are other reasons why hiring a professional wedding celebrant is beneficial.

You have met The One. After a period of dating and sharing your lived, the question is asked and you decide to tie the knot. It should be a happy journey to the big day itself but more often than not, the preparations for your wedding can be one of the most stressful projects you will undertake.

The sources of this wedding planning stress are many and varied from budget issues to trying to please everyone so that everyone is happy, content and included.

The harsh truth is you won’t please people all of the time. Losing sight of the important people in your wedding – you and your partner – can mean that when the big day is done and dusted that you are left with a wanting feeling.

In your drive to please everyone else, you forgot what you both wanted. The ceremony was OK but not quite what you wanted. The wedding cake was a delight but you didn’t want fruit cake but, as per family tradition, that’s what was ordered and made on your behalf…

The list could go on. You need to find your Brave Pants and wrestle back control of your big day. There are people who can help you. A professional wedding planner is the person who will walk every step of the way with you, ensuring you get what you want.

A wedding celebrant is the person who will ensure that your wedding ceremony is unique, beautiful and special, and full of your personalities and characters.

What a wedding celebrant can do…

#1 Create, write and deliver a personalised wedding ceremony

Your love story is unique. There is no other story like it in the world. People meet in similar circumstances – for example, 1 in 5 relationships start online – but here ends the similarities. Your relationship is distinctive and exceptional.

So why would you opt for a ceremony that ‘fits all’? A wedding celebrant writes and delivers a ceremony just for you. They’ll spend time with you both listening to stories and anecdotes, they’ll make suggestions and listen to what you want.

They draft and re-draft the wedding ceremony as many times as is needed (or possible!) before your big day. And when you walk down the aisle – or however you choose to enter your ceremony – they will be the person you will deliver your ceremony.

#2 Help you write your vows and promises

The most important part of any wedding or commitment ceremony is the part when you both make solemn promises to each other.

Traditional wedding vows see a partner promising to have and to hold, from this forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part usually according to ‘God’s holy ordinance’ if you are marrying in a religious ceremony. It was also common for a wife to promise to obey her husband as part of her wedding vows too.

Things change. We change. Society changes. Obeying our partner is not something many people promise as part of their wedding vows anymore and for many couples, the traditional vows are lacking in that something special – themselves.

So instead of uttering the same words that thousands of others have, why not write and speak your own? A wedding celebrant can help you create your vows. You can note down your ideas of what you want to say and they can polish them into something truly wonderful and romantic.

#3 They are ‘in control’

We know just how busy a wedding can be. Everyone wants to speak to you, the photographer wants to snap away while the light is good, your folks want you to meet long lost relatives…

And then your guests, normally rambunctious and loud, all of a sudden seem unsure as what to do. Where do they sit? What do they need to do?

In a traditional setting, this is bad enough but when you are introducing them to a whole new, modern way of getting hitched, guests can be unsure of what is expected of them.

A wedding celebrant, especially one who is professional and includes meet and greet as part of their service, will make sure that your guests are welcomed and know what to do, if anything.

Their reassuring presence comes in the shape of being ‘in control’ of the ceremony. Think of them as the Master of Ceremonies because by being in control, they make sure that every aspect of your ceremony runs how you want it.

#4 They can perform the ceremony anywhere…

Wedding celebrants can perform your ceremony anywhere including on top of a mountain...

If you choose to legally marry, you do so at your local registry office. This leaves you complete free, without constraints, to hold the ceremony anywhere.

Providing your celebrant can get there, they’ll deliver your ceremony wherever you want. This could be in local woodland, on top of a mountain or a destination wedding on a beach somewhere.

#5 They make your special ceremony affordable

Getting married is expensive, depending on the size of your guest list, the venue and other factors and so suggesting that you hire a wedding celebrant to write a bespoke ceremony may seem like a stretch too far.

But actually, you’ll be surprised at just how competitively priced their professional services are, especially when you consider what you are getting for your money…

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