What Will Weddings Look Like Post-Lockdown?

The coronavirus has destroyed lives and plans, especially wedding plans. At the time of publication, just how we’ll bounce back when it comes to weddings is yet to be seen. When it comes to your own preference for your big day what will you opt for? Will we see the meteoric rise of the micro-wedding or will we need to all-out party to chase the pandemic blues away?

The pandemic led to unprecedented levels of deaths in the UK from COVID-19 and for many couples, it also meant that their wedding plans were placed on hold. Clearly a disappointment, for some couples, the planning that had taken place and the money that they had spent was now useless.

Some venues and wedding suppliers are helping their couples to make alternative arrangements but not all are willing or able to do so. Bridebook, the UK’s number one wedding planning app, says that nearly three-quarters of weddings planned using its app have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Globally, the wedding industry has taken a massive hit, like many other industries, and to the tune of around £87.5 billion in cancellations and wedding postponements.

Just over 17% of weddings in the UK have been cancelled with the large majority placing their wedding plans on hold. Most couples, it seems, intend to hold their big day later on in the year. Some couples are choosing to wait another 12 months before tying the knot, opting for the same weekend or day but in 2021.

Why you need a Plan B

If you are still planning on tying the knot in 2020, it would be wise to have a plan B. The reason is simple – no one knows what could happen in the coming months.

Some medical and scientific experts predict a second wave of COVID-19 cases. If this happens, the governments of all four nations have said that we will return to instant lockdown, effectively starting the process all over again.

For anyone planning any event in 2020, weddings included, it would be prudent to have a plan B.

This doesn’t mean, however, you can’t get married in the final few months of this year but, with no way of predicting what the future holds, including the coming weeks, having an idea of what you will do should the worse happen again is a wise move.

Check the terms and conditions when booking

We’ve heard horror stories of couples being unable to get deposits returned or the date of their wedding changed, as well as their wedding insurance not paying out as a result of the pandemic. If you do sign with a venue, celebrant or any other wedding supplier for a wedding in 2020, make sure that there are flexible terms and conditions relating to the coronavirus.

The small wedding is IN… or is it?

Weddings were stopped during lockdown so that the spread of coronavirus between people was prevented. Funerals continued but with only 10 people present and socially distance rules applied.

At the time of publishing, we don’t know what weddings will look like, especially in terms of the maximum number of guests.

What we have seen are some beautiful weddings held online and broadcast using tools such as Zoom. For some couples, this could be the way forward for weddings or they may choose to wait until 2021 where, hopefully, they’ll be able to invite the guests that they want to their special day.

For these reasons, many couples are considering scaling back their plans, opting for a small or micro-wedding. There are many benefits to organising a smaller wedding so shouldn’t feel like a cop-out. Plus, you can also have the party of a lifetime on an upcoming wedding anniversary, complete with a vow renewal, if you feel like you missed out.

Look at alternative wedding day and ceremony ideas

Some couples are still choosing to legally marry on their 'original' wedding date with just a small group of witnesses and choosing to hold a celebrant-led ceremony at some point during 2021 when, hopefully, the worst of the pandemic will have passed.

For many, this makes the ideal solution. It means they still get married on their chosen date but get to hold the party they want with the people that they want at a venue of their choice.

Will 2020 be ‘The Year of the Wedding’?

Bridebook founder Hamish Shepherd thinks it will be. And we have to say, we are right there with him.

We are fielding enquiries from couples seeking to hold a ceremony in 2021 to mark their marriage which many are choosing to still hold in 2020 but on a very scaled back premise. And we are there for it!

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