Why Renew Your Vows?

You may have recently married or you may have been in a long term relationship and want to make a declaration of your love once again. Vows are the solemn promises we make to a life partner and so its little wonder that couples want to re-visit them. The when and why of vow renewals differ from one couple to the next. Here’s why some couples choose to renew their vows.

Four reasons why you may choose to renew your vows

You don’t need a reason to decide to reaffirm the promises you made to one another but many couples do so because they want to…

  • Mark a special anniversary

If you have a special wedding anniversary or relationship milestone on the horizon, you may decide to mark the occasion by inviting family and friends to witness you both reaffirming your vows to one another.

  • Acknowledge the tough time they have come through

Every relationship has its ups and downs over the years. Just as important as working through them, is acknowledging just how much stronger they have made your relationship. Working through arguments and troubles can break a relationship but with the foundation of your relationship strong, with perseverance and commitment, you have come through difficult episodes.

  • Plan the ‘wedding’ ceremony they didn’t get the first time round

Getting married is steeped in tradition but for many people, these traditions and routines were not what they wanted to include in their ceremony. But with others involved in your wedding planning, it may be that you felt you had to include them. Whatever the reason, if you didn’t feel like you had the wedding you wanted, you could by organising and planning your own vow renewal ceremony.

  • To do something fun and positive

We live in a world where bad things happen to nice people. Getting together with family and friends to reaffirm your commitment and love for one another is the perfect excuse for getting people together to do something fun, positive and exciting.

How much do couples spend on renewing vows?

The good news is that vow renewals don’t have to be expensive. But the growth in the popularity of this kind of ceremonies leads to many people asking how much they should spend on a ceremony and after-party.

The answer is, you can spend as much or as little as you want although a recent survey found that the average spend on vow renewals is an average of £1600. This varies with couples in Liverpool spending an average of £2,285 on the ceremony but couples in Newcastle spend less than the average.

Cost depends on many things such as the venue, the wedding celebrant you may hire for your vow renewal ceremony as well as the number of people you invite and the kind of vow renewal ceremony you opt for.

Vow renewals, like weddings, are not about the money or ‘putting on a show’. They are a wonderful opportunity to genuinely show your partner, family, friends and anyone else watching what a wonderful and loving relationship you have.

Planning the perfect vow renewal ceremony

The essence of a perfect vow renewal ceremony is, in our eyes, the same as a wedding – a ceremony that is unique and special to you.

There are templates for ceremonies and, if you look hard enough, there are examples online that you can download and customise by inserting your names in the script.

But you are taking time out of your busy lives to make a statement, a fresh declaration of your love for one another. So why opt for the same as everyone else? Why not enjoy a vow renewal ceremony which is written for you and delivered in a place and at a time that you want?

There are many things that you can choose to include in your vow renewal ceremony such as…

1. ‘New’ vows

Depending on when and how you got married, you may have used a traditional set of vows in which you promised to love, honour and cherish each other. These vows have their place but how about creating you own?

By creating your own vows and promises, you can acknowledge the good and the bad times that you have come through and how these experiences have made your relationship better and stronger.

Vow renewals are just for legally married couples either. Any couple in a civil or same-sex relationship who want to show their love for one another can enjoy vow renewals too.

2. Include your children

If you have children, step-children, adopted children, foster children and/or grandchildren, you may decide to include them in your ceremony too. After all, they are an important product of your many years together.

Alternatively, some couples keep their vow renewal ceremony about them and their relationship. Either way, there is no right or wrong.

3. Reassemble your original wedding party

They were the people who helped put your wedding together and were with you throughout the day. But their commitment to you extended beyond this. When you needed them, the friends and family who were your wedding party were there for you no matter what.

A vow renewal is a chance to pull this wedding party back together. Reuniting your bridesmaid, ushers and along with the maid of honour and best man can be a fun thing to do.

If anyone is missing, you can build in a tribute to them in your vow renewal ceremony.

4. Include symbolic gestures as to the love and strength of your relationship

There are many special elements you can include as symbolic gestures of the struggles and the fun times you have had. Unity sand, for example, is a visual representation of your coming together but is also fantastic for using with children. Choosing a different colour for each person, you add your sand into a vase or bottle bit by bit so that you create a linear pattern that highlights your coming together as a family.

The handfasting ceremony is also popular for vow renewals as the infinity knot is a symbol of your growing bond and commitment to each other, something that will never end.

There are many other symbolic gestures you can include too.

Contact us about our vow renewal ceremonies

As family celebrants, we are here for all the important celebrations in life from weddings to vow renewals to naming ceremonies and more. We can put together a bespoke cow renewal package that delivers exactly what you want it to. Email us to find out more!

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